Our mission is to help Santa bring Christmas gifts to families who need temporary assistance. For example, Mom and Dad are working but something unexpected comes up.  Maybe a bill is super high or a tire blows or, someone is in-between jobs, or your a seasonal worker and there is an unexpected expense, or someone falls ill... chances are you don't have savings to cover things and you didn't plan ahead for Christmas. I don't have savings, I procrastinate about gift buying. I started a Christmas club account months ago and I have managed to save $60 so far. I understand. 

Our focus is the economic class who often falls between the cracks. You don't qualify for assistance but you struggle to pay the bills, so extras just aren't happening if there is an emergency. The kids shouldn't miss out on the magic of Christmas even for one year. It truly makes a difference to the parents and the kids. 

What we do

We Provide Toys and Clothes

We Have A Christmas Party w/ Santa for the kids that includes Christmas cookies, candies and finger foods and live music. The kids are welcome to sing along.  Not happening this year because of the Pandemic

We occasionally have stockings and stocking stuffers, depending on donations

We discreetly get the gifts to the parents so 'Santa' delivers them on Christmas Eve while the kids are sleeping.

We try to get something on their Santa Letter

We give 2 or 3 gifts per child based on toy donations we receive

We provide for the Wilson County and Hermitage area, with an occasional exception.

We provide for all of your kids, including teenagers, up to 19 years old




What we don't do

We do not provide money to assist with bills. 

We do not provide food baskets, simply because I have no where to store the food and are never donated food.

We do not present the kids with their Santa gifts at the party.

We do not deliver them on Christmas Eve after the kids are asleep, but have on occasion. Santa is a busy man and so are us elves. We have a pick-up day for parents to come and get their gifts so you can help Santa put them under the tree on Christmas morning.

We do not usually get bikes or game systems donated, or even brand new games that just came out. However, sometimes I see something on sale that matches the kid's wish and will pick it up. If your child wants something really expensive, list it but also list other ideas.

We do not give gifts to adults. On occasion, we throw something extra in there for mom depending on donations. Sorry dads, we rarely get adult male donations. It's hard enough to get teenage boy donations.